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Agent - Does Your Broker Sell?

Yes? Then guess who's getting all of the Glengarry Leads?

'These are the Glengarry Leads. And to you they are gold, and you don't get them.' 

Probably the most important question you should've asked the owner or managing broker when you joined a firm is the one you that didn't ask - "Do you List and Sell Property?".  The reality of a selling broker is that often, they compete directly against you or are dealing with their own transactions and are not available for you.
In real estate sales, you as an agent need two things; Prospects and Guidance. At Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners you can get both and in real time.

One of the best features you will enjoy by joining Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners, is that your broker will not compete with you.  I don't compete, I don't sell and I don't list.  In fact - when someone wants me to list - my Floor Duty agent gets the call. That's the benefit of working with a non-competing broker.  I wake up every day and try to figure out how I can improve YOUR business. After all my success is based on what you sell, not on what I sell.

Compete with the market, not with your broker. Let's get the conversation started - Dean Estridge 912-658-9000.

Tools for Your Business

What we offer:

    • Non-competing broker - available to help you through the rough patches
    • Personal website and leads management system
    • Floor duty
    • Use of 3 offices - no desk fees
    • Postage programs developed and paid for you
    • and Zillow syndcation
    • eMarketing campaigns at your fingertips
    • Training and coaching provided - at no cost
    • Award programs - both national and local
    • An office environment that welcomes you
    • Shared cost advertising programs
    • Relocation services with Cartus, USAA, and Navy Federal for qualified associates
    • Competitive commission plans to ensure your commission is a lateral transition.

All of this and more is at your command.  Want to see a sample of one of our associates personal website?  Click HERE to see what is possible for you!

Making a change is tough - we get it.  Our hiring process ensures the community knows you have joined us, the public knows you have joined us, and your clients know you have joined us.  We make your transition smooth and profitable.  Isn't it time you found out a little more?  

The Power of a National Brand and Regional Brokerage?

Affilaition with a national brand gives you instant credibility.  Coldwell Banker is recognized throughout the world as the premier brand in real estate.  With over 84,000 affiliates worldwide, we enjoy the perks and benefits of the collective wisdom of the finest industry leaders.  

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury sells more $1 million plus homes than any other brand.  There is a 50/50 chance that luxury buyer is moving from an area where they listed their home with a Global Luxury agent.  They already know the brand and have hgih expectations.

Coldwell Banker nationally, and locally is dedicated to ensuring our Realtors are the most highly trained and developed Realtors in the industry.  Most assuredly, you have worked with one of our Realtors - and you have experienced personally the professionalism they possess.  This is by design.  As a GA licensed real estate instructor, I can provide CEU classes to our affiliates annually through our affilated real estate school, The Academy for Real Estate (

It is my sincere attempt to help our agents grow both personally and professionally, and create a business they are proud to own.

You can call me any time at 912-658-9000.  This is my personal cell phone, and I answer it.  Your confidentiality is assured.


Dean Estridge, Managing and Non-competing Broker - Savannah Market Area

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